Frequently Asked Questions


What are some advantages of using our aerial system over traditional assets?

Safety, Creativity, Cost Effective

We can safely get shots either otherwise unattainable or at a significantly lower cost than traditional setups.  Our crew and gear can fit into a large SUV, setup in a matter of minutes, and is able to relocate easily as needed.  Considerable reduced costs over cablecams, technocranes, and full size helicopters leaves more room in your budget.

Is your system safe?

We take Safety very seriously. Our operation includes procedures developed internally and approved by the FAA to ensure the utmost safety while operating on set. We coordinate with locations and the AD. We do not fly without approval from your productions’ Assistant Director before any flight.

Are you insured?

We carry 2 million in aviation liability insurance. This can be increased to any amount your production requires at cost.

How many crew members are required?

We use a crew of three. FAA licensed pilot, FAA required Visual Observer, and Camera Operator.

What type of shots can we accomplish?

We are excellent at obtaining dynamic, motivated shots in locations that aren’t suitable for full size helicopters or possibly too fast or high for traditional film setups. We excel at creating shots “on the fly” and being able to change camera moves in seconds. Do you need a locked overhead shot and a fast dolly move? Traditionally that would take hours of setup time for each move.  We can accomplish both in a matter of seconds.

What camera packages can you fly?

We own two (2) ARRI Alexa Mini camera packages and WCU-4 with CForce Mini motors that we fly regularly.  We also utilize RED camera packages routinely as well. Normally we fly with 2 lens motors for complete control… remotely. A wide assortment of lenses can be flown up to Arri/Zeiss Master Primes.  We have also flown a limited set of zoom lenses such as the Angenieux 15-40 with 3 lens motors.

What differentiates you from other companies?

Our team has more experience with UAS aerial production than any other company out there. We encompass team members that were employed by and an integral part in testing of the highest quality products from leading manufacturers in unmanned aircraft control and camera stability.

How well can you integrate with our production?

We have decades of experience on film sets.  We can operate as needed as part of your camera department or as a stand alone B or C unit capable of directing assets to get the desired vision of your productions’ Director.

What is the typical flight time?

Flight times can vary depending on payload.  For a full Alexa Mini and Super Speed or Ultra Prime setup you can expect 10 minutes of flight time.

How is your system powered and what is needed while on set?

The systems is entirely powered by Lipo batteries.

We utilize 2 flight packs per a typical 10 min flight and can charge at minimum 4 flight packs in one hour. Typically we arrive on location with up to 30 packs depending on the needs of the shoot.

On location, we request the use of a generator. If arranged prior, we can supply our own generator for charging.

Where are you located and do you travel?

Our main office is in Honolulu.  We travel worldwide to meet the needs of your production.