Shibby Stylee is a full service, independent film production company that specializes in creating content that's innovative and unique. 


Outdoor action sports and adventure is our roots and our passion is to bring inspiring stories to life. We're a team of young and hungry, filmmakers, photographers, athletes and storytellers. Using innovative tools with a lot of heart, we'll get the shots no one else is willing to get. 


Open Positions


Shibby Stylee, a leading outdoor action sports and lifestyle film production company based in Honolulu, is looking to fill internship positions. We're looking for someone deeply passionate about film/motion media and loves the outdoors.

Internships are unpaid, 90 day, part time (20 hrs per week)

If you're willing to work your ass off and learn a ton, please email your resume with examples of your work to and let us know why Shibby Stylee would be a better place with you on a team.


  • Experience/education in film writing, production and post production
  • Physically able to keep up with a film crew in challenging outdoor locations
  • Experience editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Strong understanding of modern social media platforms
  • Currently covered under a health insurance plan
  • Valid US Drivers License and Passport


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